Violation to port requirements

Tags : IIMS seminar 2009 part10    Resurgence Violation to port requirements    Capt. MHD. Rasiq Bilal    Senior Environment    Health and Safety Office    Ports and Marine ops    Dubai    Marine Insurance and Claims    Quality matters    . Capt. Zahir Irani    IIMS    Regional Director for Middle East.      
Capt. MHD. Rasiq Bilal, Senior Environment, Health and Safety Office, Ports and Marine ops Dubai, in his speech, explains the requirements to build ports and the problems related to the violations from the rules. This presentation was a part of the Dubai Marine Surveying Seminar 2009 on Marine Insurance and claims. Capt. Zahir Irani, IIMS, Regional Director for Middle East, gives his vote of thanks after the session.

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