How is it possible that a centrifugal separator can break an emulsion without chemicals?

Tags : ME Shiptech 2008 - Part 5    ballast    test    pure Vent    oil    hydro carbon    PureBallast    PureBilge    IMO    recycle    emulsion    environment    reutilization    waste minimization    control cabinet    Richard A.Horner Consultant - Technology Management Saudi Aramce    KSA Vaughan Pomeroy Technical Director -Marine Business Lloyds Register UK Pauli Kujala International account Manager Alfa Laval Tumba AB    Sweden      
A presentation by Pauli Kujala, International Account Manager, Alfa Laval Tumba AB, Sweden, on the topic- "Ecostream, Alfa Laval's effective solution for Bilge water" followed by a question answer section in connection with ME Shiptech 2008 Conference held at Dubai on 19th and 20th November.

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