IIMS-India Seminar - 2010: ‘The Future of Marine Surveying’ - Part 6

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This program presents IIMS-India Seminar ‘The Future of Marine Surveying’ at Hotel Ramada, Mumbai, India on 25th and 26th October 2010. Session 2: ‘The Profession of Marine Surveying’ of the function’s Chairperson is Mr. Tony Fernandez, Average Adjuster and Risk Management Consultant. The speakers are: 1. Uday Moorthi, Survey Manager, Survey Dept., Henderson Intl., 2. Kaushik Souchannam, Advocate ALMT Legal, 3. Sanjeev Bhandari, Marine Consultant and 4. Capt. H. Subramaniam, Principal Emeritus, LBS CAMSAR, Maritime Training Consultant. Mr. Uday Moorthi presents ‘Risk Assessment and Management Review.’

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