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An Expert perspective on Maritime Issues
This program details an expert perspective of maritime issues. OSV’s or offshore support vessels are modern vessels intended for fleet replacement and meet more demanding needs of deeper water operation. These are much improved designs and are packed with multi functional capabilities. The origin of the offshore support vessels may be traced to the Gulf of Mexico – where oil exploration first moved offshore in the 1950’s. Ms. Lakshi Atul narrates the information to us along with Dr. Arun Kr. Dev (Director, Newcastle University Marine International), provides the details on the various types of OSVs and Mr. Unnikrishnan, Technical Director, Bureau Veritas, who give us a glimpse on various OSV rules and regulations.
Duration: 00:24:19
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Know the experts’ view on your favourite sport – Diving
Outlook brings you the best knowledge and the experts’ opinions on your favourite topics. In this part, it is diving. This programme explores some important and interesting aspects of diving for you.
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Duration: 00:00:00
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SYMPOL Part-02
The eleventh biennial Symposium on Ocean Electronics, 2011 (SYMPOL – 2011) organized by the Department of Electronics of the Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kochi held on 16–18 November.Inaugural Session
Duration: 00:32:15
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Regional and international market opportunities
This video is of the open forum held during the closing hours of the session on the topic, ‘Regional and International Market Opportunities’ chaired by Olivier Erpelding (Senior Investment Manager, Pacific Transportation Asia Fund Pte Ltd/ CLSA Capital Partners Pte Ltd.) at Offshore Support Vessels Asia-Pacific.
Duration: 00:27:17
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Cochin Marine Seminar -Part 02
Program showcases the Cochin Marine Seminar 2011 (COMARCEM 2011) at IMA House, Cochin on 18-19 November 2011 organized by The Institute of Marine Engineers (India), Cochin.speech by Mr. K.Krishnan,General convenor
Duration: 00:23:51
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2nd Material Handling Systems Equipments - Part 08
In this program we can watch the 2nd International Conference on Material Handling Systems and Equipments Specific to maintenance and new development in material (bulk/break bulk) handling, on 28-29th January 2011 at Mundra Port, Kutch, Gujarat, India. Session: First - Mr. Prof. Ramakrishnan, IIT Gandhinagar details the topic – Advance Hydraulic System.
Duration: 00:26:54
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INS Tarangini - Part 1
Documentary on INS Tarangini, the only Sail Training ship of the Indian Navy and interaction with the ship's commanding officer
Duration: 00:26:22
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Emirates Boat Show 2008 - Part 01
Emirates Boat Show International held at Abudhabi from 25-29 Nov 2008.
Duration: 00:32:23
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Cochin Marine Seminar-Part 10
Here showcases the Cochin Marine Seminar 2011 (COMARCEM 2011) at IMA House, Cochin on 18-19 November 2011 organized by The Institute of Marine Engineers (India), Cochin. Subject:Design calculation of resistance for Parametric Variations and Optimisation of Newpanamax Trimaran Vessels presents by Arun Krishnan,Engineer Design,Smart Engineering & Design Solutions Ltd,cochin
Duration: 00:20:29
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Portfolio - Dr. L. Krishnan Part 2
Interview with Dr. L. Krishnan, Principal Scientist CMFRI, Cochin.
Duration: 00:27:43
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