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Health Plus - Diabetics - Part 6
An interview with Dr. Bobby K Mathew, Endocrinologist on about Diabetics , different types of diabetics, prevention and remedial measures.
Duration: 00:27:41
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Health Plus - Part 45
In this edition of Health Plus, Dr. Leena Saju, Diet Consultant and Nutritionist, details about the role of Diet Management in the Diabetes cure.
Duration: 00:00:00
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Diabetics Cure Through Ayurveda
Dr. Anvar, Managing Director, Ayurvedic Hospital, Punnarnava. He spoke about the Diabetics Cure through Ayurveda. The topics discussed were the origin of Diabetics; The status of the world population affected with diabetics; The causes of diabetics to get more acute; The ways by which diabetics is cured through ayurveda; Treatment in ayurveda for obesity in children; The difference of Ayurveda from Diabetic treatments.
Duration: 00:30:19
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