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Health Plus - Diabetics - Part 6
An interview with Dr. Bobby K Mathew, Endocrinologist on about Diabetics , different types of diabetics, prevention and remedial measures.
Duration: 00:27:41
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Health Plus - Part 41
Let us watch this episode of Health plus to know how to handle “Heart attack at home”. Cardiologist Dr. Anand Kumar V, Lakeshore Hospital give us an insight about the symptoms, first aids and treatment for heart attacks
Duration: 00:25:54
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Health Plus - Part 39
Dr. Ramesh Kumar, Director of Metropolis Kerala discuss about the need and significance of Laboratory tests in diagnosing and treatment of various diseases or symptoms
Duration: 00:22:41
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Are you a chain smoker??
This episode of Health Plus enlightens the viewers about the worst side effect of smoking- Oral Cancer Dr. Rakesh, Oral Pathologist, Amritha Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochin tells how important is to quit the habit of using tobacco products. He explains in detail about the symptoms and treatment methodologies of this disease.
Duration: 00:27:41
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An Interview with Dr. Roshan who is renowned in this field.
Dr. tell us about cataract as an eye disease, how it starts, what are the symptoms and how it can be corrected with a simple eye surgery. Dr. Roshan tells us how the lens is damaged after a period of time and what can be done to correct this. What was also discussed was, who qualifies for a surgery, is there a particular age to get cataract in your eyes, any precautions to take to avoid cataract, cataract in children. Dr. Roshan also tells us how they manage to maintain a zero percent infection.
Tags : health   clear vision   cataract  
Duration: 00:25:18
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Health Plus - Part 1 swine flu outbreak
A special medical program initiated by Marine BizTV. This episode features a detailed analysis on swine flu outbreak that has been threatening the health of human's across the globe. Dr.Sudhakaran, Chief Surgeon talks about this disease, its symptoms and precautions that need to be entertained for prevention.
Duration: 00:32:08
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