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Big Ships - Part 2
A Series of programme on largest Passenger ships in the world.
Duration: 00:19:14
More in: Documentary
Big Ships - Part 1
A series of programme on largest Passenger ships in the world.
Duration: 00:27:14
More in: Documentary
Meet the Sailors - Part 1
Sharing the experience of sailors and demonstrating the interiors and maneuvering techniques on a Sailing ship.
Duration: 00:31:32
More in: Interviews
Alfa Hunters - Part 1
Documentary that depicts the early maritime expeditions, International Maritime trade, a trail of past maritime history of ancient kerala.
Duration: 00:29:17
More in: Documentary
Clean Oceans
Video capsule highlighting the issue of marine pollution, its impact on life on earth and the need to have clean seas for sustaining life on this planet.
Duration: 00:20:26
More in: Documentary
Save Our Beach
Coastal erosion is more of a national issue than just a local problem.Save Our Beach, is a feature story to create awareness on protection of the Indian Coastline.
Duration: 00:24:03
More in: Featured video
Fish For the Future
Video by Forest and Bird Protection Society of New Zealand regarding the conservation of Marine Environment in New Zealand. Tells about the measures that should be taken for the better protection of the sea.
Duration: 00:28:22
More in: Documentary
Aranmula Kannadi
A brief description on the making of Aranmula Kannadi, unique metal mirror which is made in the village of Aranmula, Kerala, India.
Duration: 00:24:15
More in: Documentary
Water Carnival
A video capsule on the traditional boat races of Kerala. These water carnivals are part of the culture and tradition of the state.
Duration: 00:11:01
More in: Water Sports
INS Tarangini - Part 1
Documentary on INS Tarangini, the only Sail Training ship of the Indian Navy and interaction with the ship's commanding officer
Duration: 00:26:22
More in: Documentary

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