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Info Marine - Sea Turtles
Info Marine on Sea Turtles, their life and surroundings they survive in.
Duration: 00:17:41
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SOS 2015-Part-06-Our Oceans Challenge
SOS 2015-Part-06-Our Oceans Challenge.
Duration: 00:28:00
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Clean Oceans
Video capsule highlighting the issue of marine pollution, its impact on life on earth and the need to have clean seas for sustaining life on this planet.
Duration: 00:20:26
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Can't stop, when sea beckons to you
Maria Schell and Pieter Schell could never resist the call from the sea in their life. This video is of an interview with them in which they share their passion to oceans and an exceptionally adventurous life.
Duration: 00:24:36
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Save oceans to save life on earth.
This episode of Outlook opens up before you the amazing world of oceans. The programme helps you to understand how important they are in the existence of whole nature and humanity.
Tags : Oceans   Outlook   experts  
Duration: 00:22:17
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OceanSaver - Ballast Water Treatment System
OceanSaver AS was established for the purpose of developing an efficient and unique solution for Ballast Water Treatment (BWT).
Duration: 00:09:40
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Linking Remote Sensing data and food web to predict consumer biomass
Simon Jennings is doing a brilliant presentation on the topic ‘Linking Remote Sensing data and food web to predict consumer biomass in the global oceans’ at Safari Symposium on Remote Sensing and Fisheries. The presentations cover the subject in detail to give the viewer an in-depth understanding.
Duration: 00:29:17
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Geologic Journey - The Canadian Shield
This is the informative presentation of the Canadian Shield, they record the very birth of continents, oceans and plate tectonics process they shaping, information related the formation of shield, stone, crystals etc. The Canadian Shield is the foundation of more than two third of North America.
Duration: 00:22:28
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SYMPOL-Part 10
The eleventh biennial Symposium on Ocean Electronics, SYMPOL – 2011 organized by the Department of Electronics of the Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kochi held on 16–18 November.Topic:'High resolution Bearing Estimation in Partially Known Oceans using short sensors Arrays' presented by G.V Anand
Duration: 00:30:07
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Challenges in Ocean Technology-Part 01
The eleventh biennial Symposium on Ocean Electronics, 2011 (SYMPOL – 2011) organized by the Department of Electronics of the Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kochi held on 16–18 November.Topic:Challenges in Ocean Technology presented by Dr. Ravindran Chairman,Naval Research Board,New Delhi
Duration: 00:36:26
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