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Planning and Monitoring of Ship Handling Processes Onboard
In this video, Dr. Ing Knud Benedict (Dept. of Maritime Studies, Maritime Simulation Centre, Germany) presents the topic – ‘Simulation Augmented Manoevuring for Planning and Monitoring of Ship Handling Processes Onboard and in Simulation Training’. After this presentation, a Q and A session is conducted in order to provide the delegates an opportunity to clear their doubts over the topics presented by the speakers.
Duration: 00:30:19
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Real Time 3-D visualization for Maritime Safety Simulation
In this video, Wolfgang Muller-Wittig, Director, CAM Tech, presents maritime applications of visual computing at MARTECH 2010. After this presentation Duhwan Mun, KORDI, South Korea presents Real Time 3-D visualization with an open source 3-D graphics engine for Maritime Safety Simulation.
Duration: 00:26:18
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Green Marina Hotel – dream project of ALMACO
In this presentation, Lim, ALMACO Group, discusses the dream project of his company, Green Marina Hotel at MARTECH 2010 in Singapore. He says this project will alter the concepts in infrastructure development. This is an ambitious effort to construct buildings on seas. At the end of this video, Wolfgang Muller-Wittig, Director, CAM Tech, NTU, presents maritime applications of visual computing in a different session in MARTECH 2010.
Duration: 00:28:18
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