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Queen Elizabeth 2
An ocean liner that was operated by Cunard often reffered as ‘QE2’ is named after Queen Elizabeth 2
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Duration: 00:01:20
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Queen Elizabeth 2 -"...nothing like her will ever be, built again"
Mr. Stephen Payne relates to us his motivation behind the "Project Queen Mary". He narrates about how the design decisions of Queen Mary 2 were taken by Cunard’s new flagship that superseded Queen Elizabeth 2 on the transatlantic run. The Technical Meeting was held at Dubai World Trade Centre Tower on 22nd March 2009.
Duration: 00:25:04
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Cunard's Queen Elizabeth 2 -From Falklands heroine to Floating Hotel by Mr. Stephen Payne
The lecture follows Queen Elizabeth 2 through her career to Falkland’s heroine, re-engining with diesel electric propulsion and onwards to nearly forty years of Service before her sale to become a floating hotel in Dubai.
Duration: 00:22:32
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"Lecture about two very Special ships - Queen Elizabeth 2 and Queen Mary by Stephen M. Payne"
A technical lecture by Mr. Stephen Payne OBE, President, RINA on the history Queen Elizabeth 2.
Duration: 00:24:24
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