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5th Middle East Non- Destructive Testing Conference and Exhibition 2009
Middle East Non- Destructive Testing Conference and Exhibition held at GICC, Gulf Hotel, Kingdom of Bahrain from 8 – 11 Nov 2009.
Duration: 00:27:28
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H.E. Dr. Adul Hussain bin Ali Mirza and Mr. Isam Al Bayat at 5th ME NDT.
H.E. Dr. Adul Hussain bin Ali Mirza-The Minister of Oil and Gas Affairs and Chairman of the National Oil and gas Authority (NOGA) and Mr. Isam Al Bayat -Vice -President Engineering-Saudi Aramco at 5th Middle East Nondestructive Testing Conference and Exhibition 2009.The conference and Exhibition jointly organized by The Bahrain Society of Engineers and Saudi Arabian section of the American Society for Nondestructive Testing was held at GICC,Gulf Hotel ,Kingdom of Bahrain on 8-11 November 2009.
Duration: 00:33:12
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Oil and Gas West Asia - Part 1
Exhibition and Conference on Oil and Gas Industry held from 21-23 April 2008 in Oman. The ever biggest event in Oman with participation of more than 150 local and international companies from worldwide.
Duration: 00:28:44
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Fuel management – from past to future
Rahul Choudhuri, Regional Manager, DNV Petroleum Services, Singapore gives an excellent presentation on fuel management at ICS 2010. He explains in detail about the history, fuel trends, regulations and future of fuel management.
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Duration: 00:25:17
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Japan’s Energy Policy- Oil, Gas and Alternatives
Hidenobu Teramura (Director of Petroleum Policy, Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry, Japan) presents the subject, ‘Japan’s Energy Policy- Oil, Gas and Alternatives’. He examines the current scenario of Japanese energy policy, issues and prospects in this paper presented at 15th Asia Oil Week held in Singapore on 20-22 April 2010.
Duration: 00:26:16
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Corrosion Mgt Summit 2010 - Part 16
paper presented is : Outlining the importance of accurate field parameters on corrosion rate studies presented by Mr. Paul Rostron. He also tells us about the various experiments that they undertake to check for Corrosion. A question and answer session marks the end of this part.
Duration: 00:29:18
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Corrosion Mgt Summit 2010 - Part 15
Paper presented: Pressure system integrity management, A proven approach towards plant piping integrity management, Presented by Mr. Ammar Darvish.Mr Darwish in his presentation tells us about the various inspections that need to be carried out. Next paper presented is : Outlining the importance of accurate field parameters on corrosion rate studies presented by Mr. Paul Rostron.
Duration: 00:26:18
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ME Shiptech 2010 - Part 15
Watch 3rd Annual ME Shiptech 2010 Conference on 09-10 November 2010 held at Dubai Marina, Dubai. Question answer session on bunker issues.
Duration: 00:27:52
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Ad - 16th Asia Oil Week 2011
Now in its’ 16th year, this prestigious Conference focuses on upstream Asian oil, gas-LNG and the region’s exploration and development future, onshore and offshore, providing perspectives from Corporate, Governments and National Oil Companies. This Conference highlights diverse upstream ventures, acreage opportunities, changing corporate strategies, investments, oil and energy finance, government policies, oil and gas projects, the service and supply industry, and petroleum direction in the world of the upstream oil, gas-LNG and GTL industry. Prior to the conference on 28th September, there is an event named 20th Asia Petroleum: Strategy Briefing 2011, the longest-running strategy briefing held in Asia, and even worldwide, in the global upstream industry. It tracks competitors and players across Southeast Asia, Australasia-PNG, China, Sub-Continent (India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh), and in old/new frontiers around Asia (Timor Leste, Sri Lanka, Sakhalin).
Duration: 00:01:15
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Energy panel discussion - Part 02: Countries and Oil, Pricing in Different Currency
DnB NOR Markets 2nd Asian Investor Conference on 01st September, 2010. With institutional investors, hedge funds, sovereign wealth funds and private equity investors to facilitate the exploration of investment and networking opportunities. Conference consist of a series of panel discussions, small group meetings, one-to-one meetings and DnB NOR analyst presentations of unique setting to facilitate exploration of investment opportunities in networking in the maritime industries. This is the energy panel discussion: Peak Oil – The end of the oil age?, peaceful resolutions of countries having access to the oil, pricing in different currency, This is the continuation of last episode, by Graeme Maxton (Moderator), Asia Correspondent – The Economist, Doug Peacock, Sr. Technical manager, Gaffney Cline, Torbjorn kjus, Sr. Energy Analyst, DnB NOR Markets and Jocot de Dios, CEO, Nido Petroleum
Duration: 00:28:18
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