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Quarter deck - Paul Fridberg, Goltens
Interview with Mr. Paul Friedberg, President Worldwide Service, Goltens Co.Ltd, Dubai.
Duration: 00:24:10
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Goltens Open Deck - Prospects for the Maritime Industries in the Middle East - Part 2
A panel discussion in which experts discuss the prospects for the maritime Industries in the Middle East.
Duration: 00:28:19
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Goltens Open Deck - Prospects for the Maritime Industries in the Middle East - Part 1
A panel discussion in which experts discuss the Prospects for the Maritime Industries in the Middle East.
Duration: 00:19:18
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Quarter Deck - Paul Friedberg
Interview with Paul Friedberg, President Goltens Worldwide Services
Duration: 00:29:56
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Achiever’s Chronicle- Paul Friedberg
This episode narrates the accomplishments of Mr. Paul Friedberg, President, Goltens World Wide in his marine career
Duration: 00:01:37
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A grand opening to Golten Workshops
This video is of the Opening Ceremony of Golten Workshops, on 27th October 2009, held in Vietnam. Important leaders of Golten including Paul Friedberg, President of Golten Worldwide Services, Roy Strand, Vice President of Goltens America and Mrs. Strand address the audience in the inaugural function.
Duration: 00:24:11
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Majestic opening for Goltens Workshop at Mumbai
This video is of the Opening Ceremony of Goltens Workshop, on 30th October 2009, held in Mumbai. Bharata Natyam performance, as a part of inaugural function, showers an exquisite feel of Indian heritage to the guests including top leaders of Goltens.
Tags : Goltens   grand opening   part01  
Duration: 00:37:40
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Inaugural gala of Goltens Workshops is lit up with hues of Vietnamese folklore
Vietnamese artists enthral the audience with an excellent show at the opening ceremony of the Goltens Workshops, on 27th October 2009, held in Vietnam. The video also covers the function of honouring guests in the programme.
Duration: 00:20:54
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Marintech China 2009 - Part 1
All about China and its Marine Prospects at Marintec China 2009, The All China Maritime Conference and Exhibition
Duration: 00:25:19
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The opening ceremony of Goltens Redsea workshop in Jeddah
This video covers the grand opening to Goltens Workshop in Saudi Arabia on 2nd November 2009 and this is a joint venture with another firm BAKRI, based in Saudi Arabia. Hani A.K. Bakri, Vice President, Finance and Investment, Bakri Navigation gives an introductory speech on Bakri Family. Roy Strand, Vice President, Goltens America speaks on behalf of Golten Family members.
Tags : Goltens   Workshop   part 06  
Duration: 00:33:27
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