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Rendezvous Zone - Dive Travel [Manado North Sulawesi Indonesia] Part - 02
Rendezvous Zone - Dive Travel [Manado North Sulawesi Indonesia]
Duration: 00:36:11
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Rendezvous Zones - Dive Travel
Dive Travel video featuring Manado North Sulawesi -Indonesia
Duration: 00:33:06
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Rendezvous Zone - Peat Tears
A view on the deforestation in the Peatland along the Kapuas River in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. The harmony with nature was disturbed when the government initiated the one million hectare rice mega project from 1995-1998.
Duration: 00:23:02
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Fishing ground assessment using remote sensing
Jonson Gaol (Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia) is doing an excellent presentation on the topic –‘Remote Sensing applications for fishing ground assessment in Indonesian Waters’– at Safari Symposium on Remote Sensing and Fisheries. The presentation covers the subject in detail to give the viewer an in-depth understanding. M. Zahedur R. Chowdhury (Assistant Professor, Institute of Marine Services and Fisheries, University of Chittagong) presents another paper on 'Assessing Environmental Preference of the Northern Bay of Bengal Pelagic Fish Species Using Catch per Effort and Remote Sensing Data'.
Duration: 00:29:00
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What an investigation has to do with an 'open-mind'?
Capt. Ray Gott, Constellation Marine Services (UK), gives some valuable information and guidelines on investigating an incident during his presentation on Navigation Incidents Investigation during the session 03 – Consultants/Experts chaired by Capt. Irawan Alwi, IIMS, Regional Director for Indonesia at the Dubai Marine Surveying Seminar 2009 on Marine Insurance and Claims.
Tags : Marine Surveying   Consulting     
Duration: 00:25:46
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Fourth Dimension - Raja Ampat Indonesia - Part 2
Fourth Dimension - Raja Ampat Indonesia
Duration: 00:27:32
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Fourth Dimension - Raja Ampat Indonesia
A video about diving in the Raja Ambat Islands, Indonesia, which is possibly the richest coral reef ecosystem in the world.
Duration: 00:33:12
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16th Asia Oil Week 2011- Part 04
Program showcases 16th Asia Oil Week 2011 conference from 28-30 Sep 2011 at Orchard Hotel, Singapore. Session 01: Leading Corporate Players in Asia. Here presents ‘Talisman: Asian Footprints’ by Ron Aston, President & GM-Indonesia, Talisman Energy, Jakarta.
Duration: 00:21:18
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Japan’s Energy Policy- Oil, Gas and Alternatives
Hidenobu Teramura (Director of Petroleum Policy, Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry, Japan) presents the subject, ‘Japan’s Energy Policy- Oil, Gas and Alternatives’. He examines the current scenario of Japanese energy policy, issues and prospects in this paper presented at 15th Asia Oil Week held in Singapore on 20-22 April 2010.
Duration: 00:26:16
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Marine Green Energy Applications
Tatta Seshu. R, (Sr. Technical Manager, Meratus Lines, Indonesia) presents the topic- ‘Marine Green Energy Applications – environmental friendly air conditioning onboard’ at MARTECH 2010 9th International Conference and Exhibition held in Singapore.
Tags : MARTECH 2010   part 20   seminar  
Duration: 00:26:18
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