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Wild Europe - Genesis Part 03 An exceptional speech on an exciting topic ballast water management shiptek 2013 Mr Clement F Misquitta National conference An interview with Dr. James S. Collins Rolf Leffin SOLAS MARINE shipbuilding offshore SYMPOSIUM 2013 organ donation ShipTek 2009 – Part 9 Quarter Deck Anwar Hashim Bourse Navigator satish khalid events mumbai boat show cricket 2010 arbitration canadian shield Sanctions and their impact on shipping Broadband Maritime Offshore and Oceanic 2011 Sailors Diary Dave and Jaja Quarter Deck - KITACK LIM leffin Safety Marine Mangroves in Kerala Ship Tek Hawaiian Tuna Action multihull Achievers Chronicle Piracy seminar 2 Amazing world kochi Naser Kandah q.d entertainment Fourth Dimension - Wild Indonesia Part 1 p opito port planning Tranqu ad bertens An enlightening session at Global Shippers Forum sanjeevan sigma HOME Video - Part
Quarter Deck - Peter Stein
An Interview with Peter Stein, Director Middle East, Messerschmitt Yachts GmbH Middle East.
Duration: 00:22:25
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Hook the future - Costa Rica sailfish
An exciting show in which, Capt. Don Dingman teaches kids the tricks of angling in world class fisheries.
Duration: 00:28:20
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Quarter Deck features Zener Electronics Services
Ivan D’souza, GM, Marine Division, Zener Electronics Services talks on their effective expertise in Zener Electronics Services
Duration: 00:30:02
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Sea Water and Condensate Cooling Saves Costs and Energy
“Compressed air equates for upto 40% of the annual energy running costs”, Mr. John Byrne, Sigma Pneumatics ShipTek 2011 held at Dubai on April 18th on the changing market demands and trends in Model vessel communication sector
Duration: 00:21:33
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Recession is a crest and fall of the wave - Gerry Tan, GK Log
Gerry Tan, Managing Director, GK Log sharing all about GK Log and his outlook on the Maritime Industry in PORTFOLIO, All about paradigm shifts.
Duration: 00:19:16
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Portfolio of Mr. V.Mohanan, Chief Executive Officer, Maritime Foundation
Portfolio of Mr. V.Mohanan, Chief Executive Officer, Maritime Foundation. He tells about the inception and facilities of Maritime Foundation, shares his experience as a sailor etc.
Tags : Portfolio   V. Mohanan  CEO  
Duration: 00:22:34
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Is 2011 the time to re-invest in shipping?
"Are UAE and regional shipping companies finding access to bank debt?” to watch such hot topic panel discussion, watch this episode of 7th Annual Marine Money Gulf Ship Finance Conference telecast.
Duration: 00:33:24
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Asia Green Shipping Summit 2011 - Part 22
Program showcases the Asia Green Shipping Summit 2011 held on 15-17 June 2011 at Sheraton Towers, Singapore. Topic: ‘Innovative GHG Abatement Technologies’ presentation by Naoki Ueda, DGM, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.
Duration: 00:28:13
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Wild Europe -New Millennium (part 02)
Wild Europe is an outstanding programme, produced by BBC that elucidates the natural history of Europe. This has been divided into several parts. The last segment is New Millennium, which vividly describes the latest stages in the history of the continent.
Duration: 00:28:18
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BV Seminar 2011 - Part 02
Program showcases Bureau Veritas seminar on 23rd May 2011 at Hotel Grand Hyatt Dubai. Welcome address by Pascal Poilliot, Regional Marine Chief Executive, Bureau Veritas. Session 01: Shipping and Shipbuilding Market Overview: Bulk Carriers in Container Ship Market – presents by Yannis Calogeras, Product Manager, Gas Carriers and Tankers, Bureau Veritas. Session 02: BV Commodities-Inspection Services for the Marine Industry – Presents by Neil Foster, Middle East GM, Inspectorate, Dubai and Vince Ward, Deputy Reg. Manager ME, Inspectorate, Dubai.
Duration: 00:29:53
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