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NDT Level 4 Award Nite - Part 3
In this episode we see the various awards that were given to the various companies that were recognized for their outstanding performance in the various categories. We see Mr. Shyam Bhatia , CEO of the Alam Steel Group speaking on the developments of NDT over the years. Mr. Rengaraj delivers the vote of thanks that marks the end of a glittering award ceremony nite.
Duration: 00:28:18
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NDT Level 4 Award Nite 2010 - Part 2
In this episode we see the various awards that were given to the various companies that were recognized for their outstanding performance in the various categories. We are also briefed on ‘Dam999’ an emotional thriller produced by Biz Tv networks and directed by Sohan Roy. Mr. Roy in his speech shares with us how he had started his career, he also shares with us with the near death experience that he had faced while he was sailing, something that made him give up his sailing career. He tells us the potential danger that poses from a dam disaster which can be triggered by one of the natural disasters.
Duration: 00:28:18
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DAM999- first Hollywood movie by mariners
Naufal M. Ashraf, (Marketing Director, Marine BizTV) presents a paper on DAM999, the prestigious Hollywood movie directed by Sohan Roy, the CEO of Aries Group at MARTECH 2010, 9th International Conference and Exhibition held in Singapore. He explains how DAM999 is going to erase the misconceptions of people on the marine life.
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Duration: 00:24:19
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ShipTek Award Nite 2011 - Part 02
Prestigious 5th Marine Biz TV International Maritime Awards held at Hotel Crown Plaza on the 19th of April 2011. This episode highlights Mr. Sohan Roy’s (CEO, Aries Group of Companies) International movie DAM999 and launch of the book, DAM999 by him, assisted by Mr. Naufal M. Ashraff. First copy opened and received by Dr. Rashid Al Leem, Director General, Hamiriyah Free Zone. Mr. Sohan Roy reveals the story behind the book and movie, DAM999. Capt. Abdul Kader, MD, Kassab Inter Shipping also presents his link with movie.
Duration: 00:33:50
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DAM999 Pre Launch Ceremony
DAM999 the first Hollywood movie by the Mariners set its best foot forward for the much awaited Pre Launch appearance appearance during the 4th Marine BizTV International Awards at Hotel Crowne Plaza, Dubai. The ceremony was a star studded bash as the cast and crew of the movie made their first appearance at Dubai. Music maestro Mr. Ousepachan and the well renowned make up artist Mr. Pattanam Rasheed were felicitated during the ceremony.
Duration: 00:29:17
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Promo - Marine BizTV celebrates third anniversary
This is an exciting video about Marine BizTV published on its third anniversary. This video takes you through an amazing array of achievements of Marine BizTV as well as its business solutions to serve various sectors within the maritime industry.
Duration: 00:04:14
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