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Rendezvous Zones - Paradise Found-The Phoenix Islands
Paradise Found: The Phoenix Islands explores eight of the world's most pristine coral atolls -- the Phoenix Islands of the Pacific nation of Kiribati. As part of the New England Aquarium's Primal Ocean Project, a group of scientists and experienced divers sponsored by the New England Aquarium and invited by the Kiribati government, set out in 2000 and 2002 to catalogue the wealth of species found in these coral reefs. This baseline data is now the foundation for a conservation blueprint that will protect this coral paradise from commercial overfishing using a sustainable, innovative plan to create an endowment/trust that would protect these reefs into the future.
Duration: 00:28:32
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Rendezvous Zones - Dive Travel
Dive Travel video featuring Manado North Sulawesi -Indonesia
Duration: 00:33:06
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Fourth Dimension - Raja Ampat Indonesia
A video about diving in the Raja Ambat Islands, Indonesia, which is possibly the richest coral reef ecosystem in the world.
Duration: 00:33:12
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Coral Reefs: Sanctuaries in the Sea
This program is an informative presentation of Coral Reefs- Sanctuaries in the Sea. Coral Reefs beneath the deep blue waters are virtually pristine sanctuaries of the marine life. They are an integral part of the oceanic biosphere, is rich in its diversity with amusing characteristic features. Sanctuary to a host of marine organisms, Coral Reef is the life line of the oceanic biosphere. They are part of the underwater life process and as such important to the survival of life on planet earth.
Duration: 00:20:28
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Fourth Dimension: River to Reef - The Water Connection
The Central American country of Belize is blessed with pristine rivers and one of the largest coral reefs in the world. The rivers and the reef are connected; this relationship is vital to their health. This documentary explores this important connection and shows how humans are also part of nature and this amazing water cycle. Threats such as land clearing, pollution and dam building are discussed. All the water is connected; what happens upstream affects what happens downstream. Our health depends on the health of the environment. The future of the rivers and the reef is in our hands.
Duration: 00:27:57
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Coral Reef Fishes
Coral Reef Fishes
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Duration: 00:01:07
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Marine Glimpses Fillers - Great barrier reef
In this program we present a small documentary on ‘Crabs, The Great Barrier Reef and ‘Coral reef fish’The typical behavior of the crab is shown, how they walk and how they communicate by waving their pincers. We take you for a trip down under to ‘The great Barrier reef’ there is a small description of the reef and its location. This reef is also the world’s biggest single structure made by living organisms. We also tell you how this reef is formed.Next we have is the Coral reef fish, here we tell you a small description of the coral reefs and how they provide homes for a almost 25 percentage of all marine fish species. We see how the reef evolves a cryptic coloration in order to confuse predators.
Duration: 00:00:53
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Impact of Climate change on Arabian sea and Marine Fisheries - Mr. S. Prasanna and Mr. E. Vivekanand
The presentations by Mr. S. Prasanna Kumar –National Institute of Oceanography, Goa abd Dr. E. Vivekanandan - CMFRI, Cochin at MECOS 2009 on the topic “Is Arabian Sea responding to global warming and undergoing a climate shift” and “Assess impact of climate change on Indian marine fisheries to find adaptation and mitigation options”. The event organized by MBAI was held at Cochin from 9th -12th February 2009
Duration: 00:26:18
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Eco system assessment of Andaman and Lakshadeep
Presentation by Mr. R. Soundararajan, Mr. Hashim Manjebrayakath and Mr. M P Prabhakaran on the following topics respectively- "Biophysical status of coral reefs of Andaman waters and conservation perspectives, Diversity of the deep-sea finfish resources of the Indian continental slope, Spatial and temporal variations in sea-grass biomass and shoot density in Minicoy lagoon, Lakshadweep". The International symposium on Marine Ecosystems challenges and opportunities was held at Cochin from 9th -12th February 2009.
Duration: 00:27:46
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