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Navigator - SMM in India - Part 2
This episode of ‘The Navigator’ explicates on the notable shipbuilding event SMM India’09 held in Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai
Duration: 00:28:29
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Curtain raiser - INMEX India 2009
Navigator brings to you the most happening Maritime Affairs world wide, a vehicle to carry the information to the thriving community with a single click. It’s your guide to recollect the crispy contents of the events just a couple of days ahead. This episode is a curtain raiser of INMEX India 2009.
Duration: 00:30:00
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Navigator - Part11
Program highlights the upcoming INMEX India 2011 on 29th September – 01 October 2011 at Bombay Exhibition Centre, India.
Duration: 00:19:09
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SMM India moves to Session 3
SMM India moves onto Session 3 marking the topic ‘India’s Ship Building – Opportunities, Challenges and Imperatives’ at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai
Duration: 00:26:35
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Raymond Ellis at SMM India
Raymond Ellis, VP, EXIM Bank, USA makes a presentation in SMM India, Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai
Tags : Raymond Ellis   VP   EXIM Bank  
Duration: 00:32:05
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Marine Finance in SMM India 09
SMM India 09 discusses on Marine Finance at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai
Duration: 00:27:55
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Dr.Jurgen Monzel at SMM India 09
Dr.Jurgen Monzel presents on the topic ‘The economic and financial crisis-its impact on Shipping Finance Markets’ at SMM India 09, Mumbai
Duration: 00:23:05
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SMM INDIA 2009 Conference - Part 2
SMM India 09 enunciates on the ‘Maritime India Path Ahead’ at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai.
Duration: 00:24:28
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Maritime India Path Ahead
SMM India 09 enunciates on the ‘Maritime India Path Ahead’ at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai.
Duration: 00:29:37
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Inaugural Ceremony of SMM India 09
Inaugural Ceremony of SMM India 2009 extending from 12-14 Nov 2009 at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai
Duration: 00:34:35
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