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Can remote sensing technology improve fish catch? - Part 2
Kennath Sherman, NOAA, NMFS, NEFSX, Narragansett Laboratory is giving an in-depth presentation on the topic –‘Application of the Satellite Remote Sensing for assessing productivity and fisheries yields of world’s large marine ecosystems (LMEs) at the Safari Symposium on Remote Sensing and Fisheries
Duration: 00:23:19
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Recovery of depleted marine resources
Dr. Kenneth Sherman, Director, Narragansett Laboratory in this interview discusses the efforts of his organization to recover and sustain marine resources and ecosystems with the financial assistance of World Bank and Global Environmental Facility.
Duration: 00:35:15
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Aqua Kids - Part 1
AquaKids is about kids from diverse backgrounds, working together to teach and entertain the young people as they explore the Earth's marine ecosystems.
Duration: 00:29:32
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MECOS 09 speaks on Marine Ecosystem Health
MECOS 09 discussing on ‘Ecosystem Health: Status and indicators of health, natural factors, anthropogenic causes of threat, and natural resource damage assessment’ in Session 5.
Duration: 00:24:36
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MECOS’ 09 and Ecosystem Health
MECOS’ 09, the International Symposium on Marine ecosystems challenges and opportunities presents vital views on Ecosystem Health.
Duration: 00:46:26
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MECOS’09 reveals Marine Ecosystem Opportunities
Representatives of CMFRI and CUSAT presenting the various opportunities in Marine Ecosystem at MECOS’09, Cochin
Duration: 00:27:01
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MECOS’09 pursue Ecosystem Assessment
Presentations relating to the main topic ‘Ecosystem Assessment’ at MECOS’ 09, Marine Ecosystems Challenges and Opportunities, Cochin
Duration: 00:26:30
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CMFRI attends MECOS’09
Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI) presenting on the topic ‘Impact of Climate Change on Marine Ecosystems’ at MECOS 09 International Symposium, Cochin
Duration: 00:29:19
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Impact of climate change on Marine Ecosystems and fisheries -Dr. Keith Brander at MECOS'09.
The presentation by Dr. Keith Brander- DTU Aqua- Denmark at MECOS 2009 on the topic "Impact of climate change on Marine Ecosystems and fisheries". The event organized by MBAI was held at Cochin from 9th -12th February 2009.
Duration: 00:26:57
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Ms. Vimala Persis and Dr. Keith Brander at MECOS '09.
The presentations by Ms. Vimala Persis – Madras Christian College – Chennai and Dr. Keith Brander- DTU Aqua- Denmark at MECOS 2009 on the topics "Distribution and abundance of the deepsea fish families photichtyidae and sternoptychidae in the Indian Eez” and "Impact of climate change on Marine Ecosystems and fisheries” respectively. The event organized by MBAI was held at Cochin from 9th -12th February 2009.
Duration: 00:22:11
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