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Across the Seven Seas - Part 6 Dying Beaches sibcon Coastarica Dr. Albert J. Williams 3rd in an interview about his life, career, and dreams Marine Cargo ship valuation Piracy seminar 1 dp weatherwax atlas copco Spectom Rendezvous Zones Croatia e vivekanandan Fugro Offshore Survey Zener cross roads Mumbai International Boat Show (MIBS) 2011 - Part 03 chakara vasco da gama Green Marina Hotel – dream project of ALMACO Amet 2011 Global warming Aggarwal Imarest TNTA Award Ceremony berg propulsion Quarter deck - Dr. Shubha Sathyendranath bulk 15th Asia Oil Week 2010 - Growth and Supply of LNG in the Asia Pacific Region sohan roy digital from where hussain heal rothschild 4th Annual Conference Rendezvous Zones asia pacific mariposa dhanush ballast water management Dr. Z.S. Tarapore ME Shiptech 2010 - Part 10 Quarter desk container shipping Asia Port Construction Summit 2011 MARSOL body and soul maritime state marine biztv Glittering display at Posidonia International Shipping Exhibition – part 3 Portland group
OSEA 2010 - Part 4
OSEA 2010
Duration: 00:30:15
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Green Marina Hotel – dream project of ALMACO
In this presentation, Lim, ALMACO Group, discusses the dream project of his company, Green Marina Hotel at MARTECH 2010 in Singapore. He says this project will alter the concepts in infrastructure development. This is an ambitious effort to construct buildings on seas. At the end of this video, Wolfgang Muller-Wittig, Director, CAM Tech, NTU, presents maritime applications of visual computing in a different session in MARTECH 2010.
Duration: 00:28:18
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Martech 2010 - Part 05 - Focus on Resistance Components
Here we see Lars Grunitz from Germanischer Lloyd presenting a paper on Resistance Components. He tells us about the ‘Obvious Global Measures’ that other shipping companies have taken up to tackle this situation. Things like using light weight materials on ship, reducing speed. Proper hull optimization would also reduce costs. Using the propeller effectively will definitely save on fuel and energy. Jean Jacques Lavigne presents a paper on ‘Super yacht Industry’ and the various super yacht markets overview. He also tells us how Singapore is going to be a ‘Super Yacht’ destination in times to come.
Duration: 00:28:18
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Martech 2010 Part - 03 - Panel Discussion
The topics discussed were how long will take to educate the current Engineers for diesel propel ships; The alternatives for an energy switch over; Environmental constraints and challenges global warming; The uses of LNG
Duration: 00:28:18
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Martech 2010 - 9th International Conference and Exhibition, Singapore - Part 2
This episode starts with the Keynote Session. Mr. Bjorn Markussen representing DNV addresses the audience on the topic ‘LNG in shipping’ He emphasizes that shipping in Asia and South East Asia should transport more of LNG as there is a greater demand for LNG in these developing nations in Asia and South East Asia. This episode ends with a Panel Discussion .
Duration: 00:26:18
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Get ready to be inspired
This is an interview with Tony Douglas, CEO, Abu Dhabi Ports Company. He is a great leader in maritime world and an outstanding personality with exceptional ability to motivate the people around him.
Duration: 00:28:18
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ShipTek 2009 Award Nite - Part 4
3rd International Maritime Video and Excellence Awards and Launch of Marine BizTV in South East Asia held at Swissotel, Singapore on May 7th 2009.
Duration: 00:31:18
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Asian National Oil companies and overseas strategy
Dr. Duncan Clarke, Chairman and CEO of Global Pacific and Partners is explicating the subject, ‘Asian National Oil companies and overseas strategy’. He examines the current scenario of Asian oil market and the status and prospects of key players in this paper presented at 15th Asia Oil Week held in Singapore on 20-22 April 2010.
Duration: 00:31:50
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Marathon: Portfolio Growth Prospects In Asia
John Bates, General Manager, Inodnesia, Marathon is elucidating the prospects of business development in Asia. He explains the strengths and major projects of Marathon during this presentation at 15th Asia Oil Week held in Singapore on 20-22 April 2010.
Duration: 00:29:12
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BSM Go Green 2010 East coast park, Singapore
Counteers of the Go Green team assemble and forms teams to compete against each other in this go green campaign. The teams have to compete against each other in games such as ‘ice breaker’ and ‘Team work walking’
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Duration: 00:26:18
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