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The importance of Training in the Maritime Industry
Capt Rod Short address the gathering. Mr. Rahman from Lloyd’s Register shares his ideas and views on maritime training and the support that Lloyd’s Register has towards this. Mr. Zahid Rahman makes a point that an indepth training is lacking in the maritime industry. Capt. Tim Wilson who runs an institute tells us that his training is more specialized in Cruise liners and how important it is to have one. Q and A session to conclude this program.
Duration: 00:26:19
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Review of IMO Stew Convention
Held at the Raffles ball room, Hotel Crowne Plaza, dubai. Zahid Rahman, Marine Business Development speaks about Business development in Africa and Pakistan and the role of class society in the maritime industry, class society as a training provider, shipping industries training needs, marine education and Lloyds Register Training services
Duration: 00:25:18
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