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COMET - Conclave on Maritime Education and Training - Part 3
As the first maritime university of India, AMET (Maritime) University located in Chennai India has emerged to be the most preferred destination for all maritime related courses in the regions of SE Asia, Middle-East and Africa. With the shipping industry in itself being a trailblazer in globalizing employment and allowing many advantages in recruitment and employment flexibilities, AMET university attunes and grooms the varying culture, attitudes, attributes, work ethics to meet common, industry wide competence and attitudinal requirements for safe, efficient and clean operations and be job-fit for the entire maritime industry in all its verticals, globally. Riding on its 20 years of success story with seafaring, which as a profession has seen extinction of historical sources of manpower and emergence of newer areas with the biggest burden being shared by Asia alone and now increasingly pushing Africa, at the operational and management levels on ships and ashore, AMET has helped India emerge as the most preferred nation for sourcing of skilled and competent manpower. Today it is a center of excellence for in addition to on-board competencies, on-shore competencies in Commercial Shipping including Port and Logistics, Harbor Engineering, Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering, Petroleum Engineering , Marine Biotechnology as well as Maritime Research. AMET University now brings to Dubai its eminent International Board of Advisors for a Conclave on Maritime Education & Training on Sunday the 24th March 2013 at Crown Plaza, Dubai. Joining this illustrious panel will be the elite maritime leaders of the shipping industry in the Middle East and Africa. Presiding over the conclave will be The Chancellor of AMET University, the revered Sir Efthimios E. Mitropoulos, former Secretary General of IMO
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