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Paediatrics and Child Health
A special medical program initiated by Marine BizTV
Tags : Paediatrics   Child   Health  
Duration: 00:31:01
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Rejuvenate your body and mind with Ayurveda
This episode features a detailed analysis Monsoon Related diseases and the role of Ayurveda. Dr.Anwar, Punarnava Ayurveda hospital, talks about how we keep ourselves immune to these diseases with ayurveda.
Duration: 00:25:20
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Blood Donation- a sacred service
In this part of Health Plus you can watch an interview with Dr. Shankari R. Shenoy, Medical Officer, IMA Blood Bank, Kochin. She explains different aspects and importance of blood donation in this programme.
Tags : Educational  health  plus  
Duration: 00:23:10
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Pharmaceutical toxins and impact of prolonged medication
A special medical program initiated by Marine BizTV. This episode features a talk on Pharmaceutical toxins and impact of prolonged medication by Dr. P. E. Abraham, consultant-Complimentary Medicines.
Duration: 00:29:41
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Health Plus - Part 1 swine flu outbreak
A special medical program initiated by Marine BizTV. This episode features a detailed analysis on swine flu outbreak that has been threatening the health of human's across the globe. Dr.Sudhakaran, Chief Surgeon talks about this disease, its symptoms and precautions that need to be entertained for prevention.
Duration: 00:32:08
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Expert Care Everywhere
MedAire, through its Medical Advisory Systems Service (MAS) has remotely managed thousands of medical emergencies at sea This programme gives you an exciting introduction to this outstanding organization.
Tags : Documentary  medaire  techtrends  
Duration: 00:05:34
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