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Review of IMO STCW Convention – A Seminar by EIMA and Globalmet
Capt. Rod Short, chairperson (Globalmet) puts forth 7 issues for discussion with reference to STCW and maritime education training programs. A paper was presented on issues faced in different countries whereas maritime training is concerned. He highlights a point that as per the regulations passed no company is responsible for maritime training and that IMO should pass on a regulation that proper training should be provided for the seafarer and the necessary funds should be released for the same. Several seafarers share their views on the same 7 points with reference with maritime education training.
Duration: 00:26:17
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EIMA Part - 07
Capt. Pravesh Diwan speaks about static electricity onboard tankers and anchoring of vessels and lifeboat mishaps. Capt. Tim Wilson talks about E learning for seafarers. Capt. Deboo speaks about the importance of maritime training both in India and abroad. Capt. Pravesh Diwan talks about the importance of training to the sea staff and the various menthods of teaching and the various inspections that are done on board.
Duration: 00:24:18
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Review of IMO Stew Convention
Held at the Raffles ball room, Hotel Crowne Plaza, dubai. Zahid Rahman, Marine Business Development speaks about Business development in Africa and Pakistan and the role of class society in the maritime industry, class society as a training provider, shipping industries training needs, marine education and Lloyds Register Training services
Duration: 00:25:18
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The quality and competence of employees- A shipmaster’s view
Capt. K. N. Deboo, Director and Principal, Anglo Eastern Maritime Training Centre, presents the topic- ‘The quality and competence of employees- A shipmaster’s view’ at EIMA- GlobalMET 2010, a seminar on ‘Review of IMO STCW Convention’. Capt. Rod Short, Executive Secretary of GlobalMET chairs the session.
Duration: 00:30:18
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The Coal Face – a seafarer’s view
Sudhir Vasudeo Subhedar, IFSMA, presents the topic- ‘STCW revision – “The Coal Face” – a seafarer’s view’ at EIMA- GlobalMET 2010, a seminar on ‘Review of IMO STCW Convention’. Capt. Rod Short, Executive Secretary of GlobalMET chairs the session.
Duration: 00:27:18
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STCW revision – A regulator's view
Capt. Saleem Alavi, Maritime Advisor and Director of National Ship Agency under NTA, UAE speaks about the topic- ‘STCW revision – A regulator’s view’ at EIMA- GlobalMET 2010, a seminar on ‘Review of IMO STCW Convention’. Capt. Rod Short, Executive Secretary of GlobalMET chairs the session.
Duration: 00:26:18
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Submar 2010 – An International Conference on Submarine Cabling and Telecommunications. - 4
The presenter tells us how Africa’s vision on the international cabling industry compared to the reality. He also pointed out that the African Submarine Cable infrastructure is growing. The main advantages of Africa vs the rest of the world were pointed out such as: no discrimination, low/fair prices and transparency.
Duration: 00:27:18
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Submar 2010 – International Conference on Submarine Cabling and Telecommunication - 3
Nnamdi Nwokike, Executive Secretary, West Africa Telecommunications Regulatory Assembly. He gave a situational report on Under Sea Cable regulation in the West Africa region. He spoke about the services and plans of WATRA towards the Under Sea Cable regulation. It also included a report on the pricing of the cables in West and Central Africa and access to the landing stations.
Duration: 00:29:18
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Gulf Maritime 2009 - Part 1
The video gives an overview about the exhibition that took place in Sharjah on 14th, 15th and 16th of December 2009. The video shows the events and seminars that took place at the exhibition.
Duration: 00:38:26
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KPI implementation experience in Australia
Capt. Richard Teo, Director, Seafood and Maritime Industries Training Ltd shares the experience in key performance indicators implantation experience in Austraila at Globalmet 2009 Conference which focuses on various aspects of "Monitoring Quality in Training – Key Performances Indicators".
Duration: 00:19:52
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