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IMO - Safe, secure and efficient shipping on clean ocean
IMO is the United Nations Agency concerned with the safety of shipping and cleaner oceans.
Duration: 00:14:04
More in: Corporate Videos
Botel the steel house boat
Botel the steel house boat of Aries Marine.
Duration: 00:05:29
More in: Boats and Yachts
Drydocks World Seminar - Part 3
Workshop on Sub Contraction Quality organised by Drydocks World at Drydocks World - Dubai on 28 July 2008.
Duration: 00:23:05
More in: Seminar
Portfolio - Capt. Dinesh Gautama
Interview with Capt. Dinesh Gautama,Vice Chairman, The Container Shipping Line Association ( India)
Duration: 00:21:30
More in: Interviews
We offer solutions in inspection, quality control, Quality assurance - Mr. Pandra Sudhir
An interview with Mr. Pandra Sudhir, Regional Manager, on the history, vision, mission, future plans etc of Middle East Velosi.
Duration: 00:26:56
More in: Interviews
Puducherry - Land of whispering legacies
This video is all about Puducherry or Pondichery which is a place pulsating with a history of immortal heritages, marked by different cultures, the most dominant being French. Its historic monuments, vestiges of colonial culture, spiritual ambience, sandy beaches, crystal clear backwaters, exciting shopping alleys, and other attractions are paying rich dividends to Puducherry and its people. The government is also pumping in a lot of funds to promote tourism in a big way.
Duration: 00:27:11
More in: Documentary
Health Plus: Dental Health Care – Dr. Merekhna Freya Raghavan
In this edition of Health Plus, Dr. Merekhna Freya Raghavan, Child Oral Health Care Advisor and Dental Surgeon, talks about the Dental Health Care for the children at home, what parents should know.
Duration: 00:19:33
More in: Medical Program
Welcome to INMEX India 2007
INMEX India 2007 to be held at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Goregaon, Mumbai from Oct 3-5, 2007.
Duration: 00:00:43
More in: Promotional Videos
Sailors Diary - K.K. Devanandan - MSI
The Story of K.K. Devanandan, Managing Director, MSI Ship Management Pte Ltd, Singapore.
Duration: 00:30:39
More in: Interviews
Over The Table Capt.Somesh Batra
Interview with Capt.Somesh Batra Chairman,Bay Container Terminal Pvt Ltd.
Duration: 00:35:00
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