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Geologic Journey; The Canadian Shield
This footage presents informative details of the Geologic Journey and the Canadian Shield; they record the very birth of continents, oceans and plate tectonics process they shaping, information related the formation of shield, stone, crystals etc. The Canadian Shield is the foundation of more than two third of North America.
Duration: 00:27:19
More in: Documentary
Oil Spills - Seas are no longer water
This video is all about Oil Spills, its impact,pollution, skimming and cleaning processes, resultant danger in ecosystem and more. Here you will find a darker side of the sea that introduces us to an oily and the most deadly issue, Oil Spill. Even during these modern days, when ships are equipped with the advanced technological devices and when innumerous people depend on coastal areas; oil spill continues to be a major threat to the marine environment.
Duration: 00:29:54
More in: Documentary
INMEX 2009 - Part 1
Inmex India 2009 extending from 24th to 26th September 2009 was inaugurated in Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai with the theme ‘Tranforming India as a Maritime Hub’.
Duration: 00:24:51
More in: Exhibitions
Registro Italiano Navale
RINA is a joint stock company, in charge of the operational activities of the Foundation Registro Italiano Navale. It is a founder member of IACS.
Duration: 00:09:37
More in: Corporate Videos
AIS Data from Terrestric Atennas and Space -What is it all about?
This video shows the presentation by Carsten Bullemer, Managing Director, GmbH, Germany on the topic- ‘AIS Data from Terrestric Atennas and Space -What is it all about?’ at ShipTek2010 conference in Dubai. This was presented during the session on ‘Communication and IT’ chaired by Robert Spencer, Vice President, Assistant Chief Engineer (Europe Division) ABS.
Duration: 00:28:18
More in: Conferences
Siemens-SCHOTTEL Propulsor (SSP)
Siemens-SCHOTTEL Propulsor (SSP) are innovative propulsion systems which differ mainly in the kind of electric motors hou- sed in the pods.
Duration: 00:08:48
More in: Corporate Videos
ShipTek 2010 Award Nite - Part 1
Inaugural session of 4th Marine BizTV International Maritime Award held on 19 April 2010 at Dubai.
Duration: 00:24:17
More in: Maritime Awards
Quarter Deck - Danilo Raffa, ISHIMA
Interview with Danilo Raffa, Fleet Director, ISHIMA Pte Ltd, Singapore.
Duration: 00:31:22
More in: Interviews
NDT Level4 Conference - Session 04: Inspection and Certification: ‘Welding Certification by AWS’ by Mr. Gautam Das
NDT Level4 is the first International Conference on Non-Destructive Testing and Industrial Quality in Dubai on 10th and 11th of Oct 2010. Session-01 of the conference: Safety, Security and Reliability chaired by Mr. Mohammed Daoud, Manager (Projects and Quality Management), ADCO.This is Session 04, Inspection and Certification: Welding Certification by AWS presenting by Mr. Gautam Das, Director, Dash Inspectorate Pvt. Ltd.
Duration: 00:24:19
More in: Conferences
Marine BizTV Mega Launch, Dubai 2007 - Part 1
Welcome note by Mr. Sreejith. K.S. during Marine BizTV launching ceremony held at Hotel Crowne Plaza, Dubai on 7 May 2007.
Duration: 00:31:42
More in: Marine BizTV Mega Launch