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Thekkady Boat Tragedy – You know what exactly happened?
This video provides the visuals of Thekkady Boat Tragedy, how it happened, technical errors, views of experts in boat designing and strong solutions to prevent such accidents. This video will answer to all the public’s doubts and media who investigate on the same.
Duration: 00:22:26
More in: Documentary
Rendezvous Zones - The other Border
A developing country like the Dominican Republic has major issues it attends to; poverty, crime, the drug trade to name a few. The beaches of Dominican Republic are one of its most precious and beautiful attributes and rarely gain the attention the aforementioned issues do. However, when the beach is literally the border, the possibility of being landlocked, your economy choked and the environment damaged, the neglected beaches quickly become major issues. The Other Border: Battle for the Beaches is the first short documentary to explore the economic control, civil rights violations and environmental impact of the tourism industry in the Dominican Republic.
Duration: 00:30:57
More in: Documentary
Oil Spills
Oil is the most common pollutant in the oceans. Oil spills are a major threat to the marine environment.
Duration: 00:06:22
More in: Corporate Videos
NDT Level4 Conference - Session 04: Inspection and Certification; Underwater NDT Inspection, Mr. Uttam Gopal Das - Part 08
NDT Level4 is the first International Conference on Non-Destructive Testing and Industrial Quality in Dubai on 10th and 11th of Oct 2010. Session-01 of the conference: Safety, Security and Reliability chaired by Mr. Mohammed Daoud, Manager (Projects and Quality Management), ADCO. This is Session 04, ‘Inspection and Certification’ – Underwater NDT Inspection by Mr. Uttam Gopal Das, Principal Surveyor, Dash Inspectorate, India.
Duration: 00:25:19
More in: Conferences
6th Indian Ports and Shipping Conference 2009 - Part 24
6th Indian Ports and Shipping Conference held at Hotel Taj President, Mumbai on 17th and 18th March 2009.
Duration: 00:26:41
More in: Seminar
IIMS-India Seminar - 2010: Vote of Thanks and Closing Session – Mr. John Lawrence
This program presents IIMS-India Seminar: The Future of Marine Surveying - at Hotel Ramada, Mumbai, India on 25th - 26th October 2010. Vote of thanks and Closing Session: Closing Address by IIMS CEO, Mr. John Lawrence, UK. Vote of Thanks by Capt. Satish Anand, IIMS-Regional Director, India.
Duration: 00:17:16
More in: Seminar
Do things right the first time - the slogan of quality management
In this session of Drydocks world - Dubai seminar, 'Subcontractor's Quality Workshops 2009' in Dubai, the importance and effectiveness of quality are presented with illustrations, videos and graphs. This presentation discusses, in detail, the benefits that can be brought about by good quality management.
Duration: 00:33:59
More in: Seminar
Guest Time introduce Happy Minwalla
Guest Time introduce to Mr. Happy Minwalla, Bluewater Yachts who share his experiences and insights in Charter Business
Duration: 00:28:29
More in: Interviews
A dazzling opening to ShipTek 2010
This is the inaugural ceremony of conference in one of the prestigious maritime events, Shiptek2010. Noboru Ueda, Chairman, Class NK inaugurates the 3rd edition of ShipTek which came to Dubai for the first time in 2010. Sohan Roy, CEO of Aries Group gives the key note address on this occasion.
Duration: 00:15:13
More in: Conferences
A documentary on Maritime Education Training and Research Institute, Kolkata, showcasing various courses and facilities offered.
Duration: 00:15:12
More in: Marine Institute