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kuwait Oil Company
Promotional video of Kuwait Oil Company
Duration: 00:33:21
More in: Corporate Videos
Abu Dhabi Ship Building (ADSB)
Abu Dhabi Ship Building, based in the UAE, supplies regional navy, coast guard and police forces together with offshore operators with custom built ships and boats.
Duration: 00:08:05
More in: Corporate Videos
Quarter deck - Antony Prince
Quarter deck - Antony Prince
Duration: 00:38:36
More in: Interviews
ShipTek 2013 Conference - Part 13
Two day International Conference on the hottest current issues International Maritime Expo,6th International Maritime Video and Excellence Awards History has proved time and again that genius inspires genius. ShipTek thus presents International Conference in which best minds in maritime industry will share their ideas on the current issues. This is an opportunity for mariners to be enthralled by the insightful lectures.
Duration: 00:29:09
More in: Conferences
Finding various losses in a centrifugal pump
Himadri Sen, Consultant – Centrifugal Pumps, Pumpsense, speaks on the crucial things that should be taken care of when you buy and use centrifugal pumps, in ‘Pump Right’, training Programme on Selection of Centrifugal Pumps. In this video he explains various losses in a centrifugal pump and many other important things.
Duration: 00:24:14
More in: Seminar
Gulf Craft.Inc - Majesty Yachts
Gulf Craft Inc. the largest leisure boat and luxury yacht builder in the Middle East has launched its new range of products called Majesty Yachts.
Duration: 00:06:59
More in: Corporate Videos
International Shipping Life blood of World Trade
The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) is the international trade association for merchant ship operators.
Duration: 00:08:42
More in: Corporate Videos
Tranquebar - The Singing waves - Part 1
Documentary on Tranquebar - a maritime heritage hub of India.
Duration: 00:26:46
More in: Documentary
Amazing World of Ships
A program on different varieties of vessels.
Duration: 00:27:35
More in: Technoscape
Portfolio - Capt. K. Vivekanand
Interview with Capt.K.Vivekanand, Director Vels Academy of Maritime Education of Training Chennai, INDIA.
Duration: 00:30:37
More in: Interviews

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