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Maritime Corporate Quiz(ShipTek 2010) - Part 03
It’s the Visual Round that the teams are participating in, each correct answer earns a team 10 marks and passed questions answered are awarded 5 marks each. At the end of round 1 ‘Team E’ ends up on the top of the table with 65 points. At the end of round 2 Team E ends up with 85 points to top the table once again. At the end of the ‘Take a Risk Round’ ‘Team C’ ending up with 125 points. Next we have is the ‘Rapid Fire’ round, ‘Team C’ is a clear winner at the end of this round with 150 points.
Duration: 00:27:17
Maritime Corporate Quiz (Dubai) Part - 02
The video shows the maritime quiz organized by Marine BizTV. The video shows the part two of the quiz that took place at hotel Flora Grand, Dubai.
Duration: 00:25:14
Maritime Corporate Quiz (Dubai) Part - 01
This video shows the Maritime Corporate Quiz, which was organized by Marine BizTV and supported by the Aries Group, Middle East’s largest ship design and consultancy firm. Hotel Flora Grand, Dubai was the venue for the quiz.
Duration: 00:19:32
Maritime Corporate Quiz Shiptek 2010 2nd Edition - Part 2
In this edition of maritime quiz we see the teams participating in the Technical round. Team was a clear winner in this round ending up with 40 points. Another round is played called as ‘the Current Affairs Round’ in which Team A that had a combination of a German and a Russian fought back to attain 30 marks that was not very far from the leader Team E.
Duration: 00:28:18
Maritime Corporate Quiz Shiptek 2010 2nd Edition - Part 1
A qualifying set of questions were handed over to the audience ,5 teams were chosen, German Wings, Marine DJs, lost at sea and Ulstein were some of the teams that qualified. The round played in this edition was the General Round in which the company ‘lost at sea’ won 15 points which was the highest in this round.
Duration: 00:26:18
National Maritime Day QUIZ - Part 05
Program presents the National Maritime Day Quiz Finals held at merchant Navy Club Cochin.
Duration: 00:19:32
National Maritime Day QUIZ - Part 04
National Maritime Day QUIZ
Duration: 00:21:50
National Maritime Day QUIZ - Part 03
National Maritime Day QUIZ
Duration: 00:22:39
National Maritime Day QUIZ - Part 02
National Maritime Day QUIZ
Duration: 00:25:16
National Maritime Day QUIZ - Part 01
01st Semi Final Day Seniors - Quiz held at Merchant Navy Club Cochin.
Duration: 00:26:13

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