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Infomarine -Largest shipyard
World's largest shipyard
Duration: 00:20:17
Mighty Maritime Hubs
In this episode of Infomarine, you can watch world’s largest maritime hubs. The programme covers these international ports and their features in detail.
Duration: 00:25:17
Save oceans to save life on earth.
This episode of Outlook opens up before you the amazing world of oceans. The programme helps you to understand how important they are in the existence of whole nature and humanity.
Tags : Oceans   Outlook   experts  
Duration: 00:22:17
An Expert perspective on Maritime Issues
This program details an expert perspective of maritime issues. OSV’s or offshore support vessels are modern vessels intended for fleet replacement and meet more demanding needs of deeper water operation. These are much improved designs and are packed with multi functional capabilities. The origin of the offshore support vessels may be traced to the Gulf of Mexico – where oil exploration first moved offshore in the 1950’s. Ms. Lakshi Atul narrates the information to us along with Dr. Arun Kr. Dev (Director, Newcastle University Marine International), provides the details on the various types of OSVs and Mr. Unnikrishnan, Technical Director, Bureau Veritas, who give us a glimpse on various OSV rules and regulations.
Duration: 00:24:19
Shipbuilding – an expert perspective on various issues
Outlook is a programme, which presents an extensive view of maritime issues from an expert’s perspective. This episode of outlook takes you for a journey through the topic – Shipbuilding. It describes the emergence of these giant vessels in history, the current scenario and issues, and some glimpses to the future of the industry.
Tags : Outlook   part 03   shipbuilding  
Duration: 00:29:26
Expert perspective on Broadband Maritime Systems
The program features the Broadband systems which has revolutionalized the maritime world. This episode will focus on broadband systems, fleet broadband, the limitations of broadband systems and the strategies being undertaken to resolve the problems faced.
Duration: 00:22:34
OUT LOOK - Part 1
An in depth analysis of different maritime issues as perceived by our eminent speakers, an expert perspective on maritime issues.
Duration: 00:23:26
Almansoori Health day - Part 11
Almansoori Health day
Duration: 00:29:52
Outlook - Part 10
Tags : Outlook - Part 10      
Duration: 00:33:33
The global challenges before maritime sector
This is the 2nd Maritime Industrial Relations Forum held in Singapore with the purpose of discussing the ‘Global Challenges’ before the maritime industry Eminent personalities converge here to talk about this topic and share their precious knowledge with the delegates.
Duration: 00:16:09

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