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Traumatic Injuries to children's teeth.
Dr. Rupesh tells us what exactly is meant by Traumatic injuries, also tells us the various injuries that can cause harm to the teeth and the prone areas are also discussed. He also tells us the importance of the broken tooth or the tooth that is totally out of the socket due to some injury. Something that can be put back into place with proper prognosis. Dr. also tells us how these injuries can be prevented.
Duration: 00:24:17
Ovarian cancer is the 2nd most common Gynecological Cancer and the 6th among leading cancers in women
This program is an informative presentation of Ovarian Cancer. If one is not enough aware of this, program enrich it. Presentation by Dr. K. Chitrathara, MD, Mch, ICRETT Fellowship in Oncology, HOD and Consultant in Surgical and Gynec Oncology, Lakeshore and Welcare Hospitals, Kochi, India.
Duration: 00:25:19
Make your smile beautiful
This episode of Health Plus gives you an in depth view to smile correction and design. If you are not confident of your smile, this programme will tell you how to overcome your problem
Duration: 00:24:16
An Interview with Dr. S. Rupesh
In this edition of health plus, Dr. S. Rupesh , a pediatric dentist and reader of the Pushpagiri Medical College, discuss in details about the pediatric dental problems, its causes and the remedies.
Duration: 00:19:17
Blood Donation- a sacred service
In this part of Health Plus you can watch an interview with Dr. Shankari R. Shenoy, Medical Officer, IMA Blood Bank, Kochin. She explains different aspects and importance of blood donation in this programme.
Tags : Educational  health  plus  
Duration: 00:23:10
Are you a chain smoker??
This episode of Health Plus enlightens the viewers about the worst side effect of smoking- Oral Cancer Dr. Rakesh, Oral Pathologist, Amritha Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochin tells how important is to quit the habit of using tobacco products. He explains in detail about the symptoms and treatment methodologies of this disease.
Duration: 00:27:41
Does nasal allergy worry you?
In this episode of health plus, Dr Vinod B. Nair, Consultant ENT and Head and Neck Surgeon, PVS Hospital, Cochin discusses the nasal allergy, its causes and remedies.
Tags : Art  health plus   part 19  
Duration: 00:29:01
4D Fetal Imaging and its role in the study of pregnancy
This part of Health Plus discusses the 4D Fetal Imaging technology ant its relevance and role in the study of pregnancy and fetal development with Dr. Rijo Mathew, Director, Consultant Radiologist, AMMA Centre for Diagnostics and Preventive Medicine, Cochin.
Duration: 00:25:18
Fever Outbreak – monsoon related diseases
This episode of Health Plus discusses with you about monsoon related diseases. Dr. Sunny P. Orathel, Asst. Prof. Medicine, Co-operative Medical College, Cochin provides very useful knowledge on various epidemics and enlightens the viewers with precautions to avoid being affected by them.
Duration: 00:28:18
Donate and give life a second chance
In this episode of HEALTH Plus, A. Vasanth Shenoy, Join Secretary, Society for Organ Retrieval and Transplantation (SORT), Cochin, speaks about the Cadaver organ transplantation and donation. He share a great amount of knowledge on a matter that can make a great positive impact on health sector.
Tags : HEALTH Plus   part 16   health  
Duration: 00:27:18