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Marine Institute
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Marine Institutes - NMA
Marine Institutes - NMA
Duration: 00:20:02
Thermal acoustic refrigeration and biodiesel manufacturing
"Learning to innovate" is a programme covering various innovative projects of marine engineering students in KMSME, CUSAT.
Duration: 00:24:26
Learning to Innovate 2nd Edition - Part 1
Learning to Innovate 2nd Edition
Duration: 00:16:06
Baltic State Academy of Fishery Fleet
This video gives an overview on the Baltic State Academy of Fishery Fleet, Russia.
Duration: 00:22:13
Marine Institute - Euro Tech Maritime Academy
This program provides the maritime institute, Eurotech Maritime Academy. Capt. K.V. John, GM presents the information.
Duration: 00:23:25
Learning to Innovate 2nd Edition - Part 2
A documentary based on KMSME Final Year Student’s Project Work. This episode depicts the following project works- Steerable Kart Nozzel Propeller, Model Construction of Bulk Carrier and Model of Scotch Boiler
Duration: 00:28:30
Marine Institute - IMI Delhi
A video on International Maritime Institute that gives an overall view about the courses provided by the institute and their mission and vision.
Duration: 00:24:00
Maritime Foundation - Chennai
One of the Leading maritime institutions in Chennai. No Adversaries in the matter of quality of the training. The campus is situated near Sevapet.
Duration: 00:25:27
Torch Bearers of a Glorious Maritime Legacy - Marine Institute
A video on history of Maritime Institute William Barents, Netherland. Gives an overall view about the courses and equipments provided by the university and their mission and vision.
Duration: 00:31:52
METI Passing Out Parade
METI Passing Out Parade
Duration: 00:29:50

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