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Quarter Deck - Ad J.W. Bertens
Interview with Mr. Ad. J.W. Bertens, Managing Director/Vice President, Services Wartsila LLC, Dubai.
Duration: 00:25:18
Sailors Diary – Capt. Don Harrison
Sailors Diary – Capt. Don Harrison
Duration: 00:30:35
QuarterDeck-Dr.Satish B.Agnihotri
Interview with Dr.Satish B.Agnihotri I.A.S,Director General of Shipping ,ex-officio Additional Secretary to Govt.of India
Duration: 00:28:03
Quarter deck - Capt. Philip Mathew
Interview with Capt. Philip Mathew,Managing Director, Lots Shipping Ltd.
Duration: 00:29:26
Quarter Deck - Er. Peter P Valeth
Interview with Er. Peter P Valeth, Managing Director, Valeth High Tech Composites P.Ltd.
Duration: 00:27:21
Quarter Deck - B. N Prasad
Interview with Mr. B.N. Prasad, Executive Director, Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Duration: 00:26:33
Quarter Deck - Simon Arrol
An interview with Mr. Simon Arrol, Director Technical, Marina India.
Duration: 00:22:14
Quarter deck - Ruurd S. Abma
Today’s Quarter Deck showcases a face to face interview with the Chief Operating Officer of Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) Gas, Mr. Ruurd S. Abma.
Tags : Quarter deck - Ruurd S. Abma      
Duration: 00:27:10
Quarter deck - Ahmed Shaikhani
Program showcases the interview with Ahmed Shaikhani, MD, Memon
Duration: 00:27:31
Quarter Deck - Andreas J. Droussiotis
Interview with Mr. Andreas J. Droussiotis, CEO, Bernhard Schulte Ship Management, Cyprus.
Duration: 00:26:34