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Guest Time Howard Ernst - Part1
Program presents ‘Pollution on the Chesapeake Bay’ an interview with Howard Ernst, political science professor, scholar and author of Chesapeake Bay Blues: Science, Politics, and the Struggle to Save the Bay, explains what is really killing the Chesapeake Bay.
Duration: 00:25:55
Guest Time - Dr. Arun V. Bapat
Interview with Dr. Arun V Bapat, Seismologist
Duration: 00:40:39
Sailors Diary - Tony and Patrica
Tony and Patricia, married 37 years now, tells us about Patricia’s occupation and also what he used to do to make a living 30 years ago. Tony has been sailing for 18 years now with Pat alongside him. Tony gives his views on the advantage of using sails compared to the engine while sailing. Patricia shares her story on how they manage to cook on board while at sea. Tony tells us his experience while sailing in Oman when the had spotted whales and dolphins around their yacht and how majestic they were. He shows us all the systems they have on board that he uses for navigation.
Duration: 00:30:04
Guest Time - Sapphire Marine LLC
An interactive discussion with Jim Dundon and Peter Nil of Sapphire Marine LLC.
Duration: 00:30:51
Quarter Deck - Andrea Piantini
Interview with Mr. Andrea Piantini, Head of Marketing, Fincantieri Yachts.
Duration: 00:30:07
Sailors Diary - Antony and Davina Hellewell
Interview with Antony and Davina Hellewell, Sailing Yacht 'Divanty'
Duration: 00:25:17
Sailors Diary - Rolf Leffin and Uta Leffin
Rolf Leffin and Uta Leffin sharing their sailing experience through this program.
Duration: 00:20:59
Quarter deck - Milind Tambe
Quarter deck - Milind Tambe
Tags : Quarter deck - Milind Tambe      
Duration: 00:28:27
Guest Time - Albert J Williams
Interview with Dr.Albert J.Willams Sr.Scientist,Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Duration: 00:26:16
Meet the Sailors - Part 3
Sharing the experience of sailors and demonstrating the interiors and maneuvering techniques on a Sailing ship.
Duration: 00:28:26

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