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Blue Planet - Part 1
A journey to underwater marine life
Duration: 00:27:27
Merchant Navy
A documentary on Merchant Navy
Tags : Merchant Navy   Documentary    
Duration: 00:23:13
Sunset at Noon
A feature story based on the recent Earthquake and Tsunami that hit North Eastern Japan on the 11th of March 2011. This documentary depicts the disastrous wrath of mother nature in its full fury and the line of destruction it left behind leaving thousands homeless, claiming millions of lives and thus incurring great loss to mankind.
Duration: 00:12:12
Rendezvous Zone - Malta
A tourism video exploring the tourist attractions of Malta
Tags : Malta   Tourism   culture  
Duration: 00:30:07
USS New York LPD21
A touching story of a US naval ship christened as New York being built using the salvaged steel from the steel debris of tragic September 11th, a message against terrorism.
Duration: 00:21:51
Dredgers - Creating oceanic Gateways
Ever since the mankind realised the immense possibilities of water transportation, he started creating jetties, quays, piers and harbours Over the years these developed into major and minor ports, transshipment terminals and flourishing port cities and towns along the coastline of the seven seas. Both men and machines work together to build these oceanic gateway The invention of dredgers was a major landmark in modern maritime history. Dredgers of various types and sizes revolutionized the whole concept of building ports. The dredgers turned out to be true workhorses of the oceans engaged in creating shipping channels, deepening the channels, maintaining them and creating new shores These floating giants ensure safe passage of ships into ports and safe navigation on inland waters, rivers and oceans.
Duration: 00:11:17
Rendezvous Zones-Thailand-Phuket Island
Showcases how one of the world’s top 100 Resort Companies, the Banyan Tree Resort, transformed Phuket Island in Thailand, into a hugely successful Tourist Destination during the last 25 years. One thing that goes unnoticed is that, for over 4 centuries, Phuket was a polluted wasteland inhabited by contracted mining laborers. But today, this island is considered as one of the Natural Heavens of South-East Asia.
Duration: 00:20:26
Technoscape - A look into ship production
A look into ship production
Duration: 00:24:46
Wreck of Zenobia
Let us watch one of the top 25 wreck dives of the world, Wreck of Zenobia
Tags : Larnaca Cyprus   Cyprus     
Duration: 00:18:20
Port Cranes
A documentary on the prime activity in marine and maritime industry- Port Cranes
Tags : Ports   cranes   container crane  
Duration: 00:21:36