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Lifeboats - Saves Lives at Sea
Royal National Lifeboat Institution is a charity organisation that provides 24-hour life saving service around UK and Ireland.
Duration: 00:12:34
OceanSaver - Ballast Water Treatment System
OceanSaver AS was established for the purpose of developing an efficient and unique solution for Ballast Water Treatment (BWT).
Duration: 00:09:40
This corporate video is supported by IFAW. IFAW is an organisation to deal with the cruel slaughter of harp and hooded seals.
Duration: 00:01:00
ARI Corporate Video
ARI: A documentary film on the Applied Research International, Delhi.
Duration: 00:28:35
Oil Spills
Oil is the most common pollutant in the oceans. Oil spills are a major threat to the marine environment.
Tags : Oil Spills  Corporate videos    
Duration: 00:06:22
Class NK
ClassNK is dedicated to ensure the safety of life and property at sea, and the prevention of pollution of the marine environment.
Duration: 00:08:57
Jafza Curtain Raiser
Jafza Curtain Raiser
Duration: 00:04:01
Mandovi Dry Docks
A corporate feature about Mandovi Drydocks, which situated on the banks of river Mandovi at Pigao, Goa. It has the capability to build and repair barges, small ships etc.
Duration: 00:07:18
Ballast Water Management
This Film is about Water and Balance. It describes about the Ballast Water Management Plan that is SAFE, and that works.
Duration: 00:20:08
Velosi - Engineering for safer world
This is an excellent corporate video of Velosi group, which gives an overview on this globally renowned organization. The video provides you information on variety of services, operations, values of Velosi in detail.
Duration: 00:21:16

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