Thursday 23rd May, 2019
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Guest Time River keeper
Dave Howell is an adventurous and an extraordinary connoisseur of life in the seas, tells you his story, an odyssey.
Guest Time River keeper
The story of Captain Dr. P Noah Sharek.
The story of Captain Dr. P. Noah Sharek.
He tells us about his previous job where he was a chief engineer at JNPT. He shares with us his thinking about ports in India and where we can work on for the developments of ports and the importance of them. He points out that the Indian port should match their international counterparts to stay in contention of the market due to the increase in port activity.
Info Marine on Sea Turtles, their life and surroundings they survive in.
A Series of programme on largest Passenger ships in the world.
A series of programme on largest Passenger ships in the world.
Rendezvous Zones - Treasure of Asia
This is an educative / informative program reflects the picture of Jordan. Written, produced and directed in Jordan by David Aime and David Fabrega.
Paradise Found: The Phoenix Islands explores eight of the world's most pristine coral atolls -- the Phoenix Islands of the Pacific nation of Kiribati. As part of the New England Aquarium's Primal Ocean Project, a group of scientists and experienced divers sponsored by the New England Aquarium and invited by the Kiribati government, set out in 2000